Top 10 Firsts For Women In History

Women are making history every day – as this list demonstrates. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 firsts for women in history. 

10 Inventions by WOMEN that Changed HISTORY


10. Monopoly

9. Fire Escape

8. Kevlar

7. Submarine Telescope and Lamp

6. Life Raft

5. Invisible Glass

4. Wireless Transmission Technology

3. Windshield Wipers

2. Paper Bag

1. Computer Language Compiler

30 Inspirational Women That Have Changed History Over Time

Are you brave enough to follow your passion to help be your own hero? Watch this video to see something truly special.  As if that story was not inspiration enough, these women below from around the world are some of the most inspirational role models you'll ever know, but not just because they are women. They have truly done some incredible things for themselves, for others, and for the world.  Source: Music:  For Originz by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CCA

Women who changed the world

Literary mastery, pioneering science, life-saving discoveries and actions for peace and human rights – achievements of women around the world awarded the Nobel Prize.  Learn more about the impactful work of these Laureates at

5 Women Inventors You Should Thank

Do you drive a car or handwrite your to-do list or even drink coffee while on the John? You most likely do at least one of these things, but did you know that women inventors made all of these activities a lot easier to do? The world we live in is filled with a great level of efficiency and ease, yet we often forget the role female inventors have had throughout history. Watch the video above and take a moment to learn about five women whose inventions still bless us today. 

Top 10 Female Warriors In History

Women are the “weaker sex” generally but have you heard of these ladies? Welcome, we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 female warriors in history.  For this list, we’re looking at women in history who were key players in battles. They might not have physically gone into combat - though a lot of them did – but they were at least great military leaders or strategists.

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Top 10 Female Leaders in History (Apart from Merkel)

These women literally rule! Welcome to, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Historical Women's Leaders. For this list, we've looked at the most important, iconic and effective women's leaders throughout ancient and modern world history. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at :)

Woman Called "World's Ugliest Woman" Becomes All Inspiring

Lizzie Velasquez suffers from a rare syndrome that prevents her from gaining weight. After being called the "World's Ugliest Woman," she made a triumphant comeback, rising to become a motivational speaker and teaching everyone the meaning of beauty.

Top 10 Badass Historical Women You Probably NEVER Heard Of!

These badass women deserve more credit! They probably didn’t appear in any of your history textbooks but their stories and accomplishments go down in history. We’re talking about women like The Mirabal Sisters, Jeanne de Clisson, Hatshepsut, Ching Shih, Khutulun, Noor Inayat Khan, Nancy Wake, Rosalind Franklin, Katharine McCormick, Mary Seacole, Maya Deren and Yaa Asantewaa.

Top 10 Most Famous Queens in History

Whether hapless pawns, political power players or iconic princesses, these ladies broke their royal mold.  Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 most famous queens in history. Check us out at, and 

Hollywoods most beautiful girl: HEDY LAMARR-A BEAUTIFUL MIND


Extraordinary Women "Hedy Lamarr" (2011)

Hedy Lamarr was known as the most beautiful woman in film and one of the most controversial. But she was also super brainy.