The basic teaching of life: The Mool Mantar (Main Sikh Hymn)

Growing up in a musical family Patricia (Shabad Deep Kaur) was introduced to the path of sound early on in life, leading her to sing, and compose at a young age. She combines her lifelong singing experience with empowering teachings for personal growth and a peaceful way of living.
A Natural way of living is important to her. Being challenged by life, Patricia developed a peaceful lifestyle aiding her to live in a natural flow. Living from the heart and with a balanced mind yoga & meditation. 

A girl's journey: Without fear, without hate.

  • Nirbhau- That you are devoid of any fear, because there is nothing but the universal spirit.
  • Nirvair- That you are devoid of any enmity because there is nothing but the spirit that resides within you..

Sikhi's youngest martyrs: Zorawar Singh & Fateh Singh

A true tale: The last of the ten Sikh Gurus-Gobind Singh Ji-sacrificed his father and his four sons-this brief story tells of the 5 and 7 year old young sons who along with their grandmother, the Guru and others, were betrayed by the Moguls and the Hindu Hill chiefs as they vacated the fort that the imperial forces lay besieged for months on end in 1705. These two boys were offered palaces,riches beyond measure and marriage to the Islamic leader's daughters-if only they would convert to Islam.

So can you recall your previous life?

Can science uphold the belief in rebirth?

Is rebirth possible? Are there any scientific bases for believing in rebirth? Since time immemorial, man has been struggling to find a solution to this mystery but conclusive evidence has thus far eluded him.

Now, in probably the first-ever case of its kind, a Patiala-based forensic science expert has sought to scientifically prove the phenomenon.

Can science prove rebirth is possible? Click here for article.