What on earth is love?

Passion or prostitution?


Many forms of love, platonic love is non-sexual. This was far more common than it is now. These days if a man is friends with another man, innocent bromance has turned into fuck buddies. Women are more and more turning into lesbians partly because they are taught ny men-hating feminists that all men are evil and responsible for all the ills on women. Yet in most lesbian relationships they have the butch boy partner of the feminine one. Then there's the strap-on. 

Many relationships these days are 'open'. So partners are free to date and shag who they like. STI's are on the rise more as much as fake orgasms. Teenagers are encouraged to be free and open. Girls send boys they don't know naked photos. Boys then go on the 'look at my dick' phase. Marriages used to last 50 years, now getting to 5 is a bonus cos we get fed up and don't try or we rush into it, or the grass is greener. 

Lust or Love? Loneliness or Longing?


Men often behave like women and women behave like men. So men will want a relationship just as often as women will want one. But many women now will want to sleep with as many men as possible. Its a competition and its a form of prostitution in some cases. we see it on dating apps with women wanting 'kind and generous' men to go out with. So a man just needs to pay for dinner and drinks or buy some clothes or a present and the reward is sex. 

Don't see many feminists compalning about the double stanrdas here, do you?

As Confuscius says, confusion or calmness?


We demand love from others, we expect love from others, we want love from others, we desire love from others. But have we ever stopped to think? What are we giving in return? Jealousy? Greed? Selfishness? Money? Presents? Material things? Love has to work bot ways. Love has tio be reciprocated or love is not real love at all. Its a sham, a joke, a fantasy and a dream. Ask Fanny, Simone, Kenton or Nollid, for they can impart more wisdom than all the self-help, relationships, love books put together. 

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