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“Sensibilism” wisdom:

There is much more to life than the things around you.

Moderation is good, extreme is bad. Karma takes care of it.

Discover your inner self because we are all spiritual beings.

Think for yourself, free yourself from Politically Correct Media & Establishment brainwashing. Accept criticism: It heals.

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Things Happen For A Reason: Be the change you want to see.

Life is Very Short-Make The Most Of Each Day.

There IS Always Hope. Never Give Up. Open up & Talk.

We are all born to be stars.Unknown heroes are the real gems

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About Natty Darling, gave up many times but rescued by Positive Thinking

Grab interest, not his balls.

Nat Nollid is a multi-faceted artist in his early 40's. Here he has returned to poetry, which he began writing as a teenager growing up in East London. His poems reflect the adversities he has faced and are a means of expressing his personal beliefs in the individual's ability to overcome both spiritual and material failings. 

Nollid responds to accusations of sleaze:

Nollid has been accused of visiting prostitutes in Amsterdam:


Twin Sister Prostitutes claim Nollid spent night in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam's most famous double act, prostitutes, Martine and Louise Fokkens are 75 year old twin sisters who have practiced the oldest profession in the world for 50 years! Martine reveals, "Natty Darling came to us wanting to experience a night of heaven", the old ladies were surprised he chose them. "He likes the mature woman and had a fantasy of a threesome in his head for ages", the girls giggle as they coclude, "We certainly gave him the night of his life", the Fokkens proudly proclaim.

"We always wanted an Indian, he was so good, we started off with massage and foreplay, then got down to it".

But did he use a condom? "Oh yes, he insisted on safe sex, which is a shame as for once we wanted to do it without a barrier". The ladies laugh almost orgasmically.


Link to LIFE LOVE LIGHT & LOSS Paper copy of charity book.

You want freedom from media brainwashing and consumerism?

Nollid believes that a spiritual insight to life can fill the void that many feel in our present day materialist society. A difficult upbringing conditioned his outlook but nevertheless, he feels it has helped to fashion his present beliefs and values. These values he hopes will be shared by the reader and in some small way may open their hearts and minds or provide some form of solace, given the trials and tribulations of the 21st century.

Nollid spotted with Melania Trump teaching her Orgasmic Meditation:

 Nollid spotted in secret trysts with Melania by local journalist Dryvaj:

After Melania's public distancing from Donald due to revelations with porn star Stormy Daniels, (surprising given Melania's own background before she hit the big time with Trump), Nollid has been seen meeting Melania in secret on the outskirts of DC in out-of-town motels. "They were holding hands and seemed so much in love, Nollid is a great kisser", says local keyboard warrior Emily Dryvaj. "I met with him and he admitted he has cured Melania's sadness by using Orgasmic Meditation and Indian Head Massage", say Emily almost fainting each time after saying his name. "I wish he could cure me with his healing hands and meditation". 

Feeling down? You can change your life now.

LIFE LOVE LIGHT & LOSS: Easy Read Mystic Poetry Self-Help & Healing to help escape from sadness, depression and the sheep mentality: 

Get Nollid's E-books Kindle edition for a dollar, click here

How Childhood Trauma Can Make You A Sick Sad Crying Adult

Big Think and the Mental Health Channel are proud to launch Big Thinkers on Mental Health, a new series dedicated to open discussion of anxiety, depression, and the many other psychological disorders that affect millions worldwide.  The Adverse Childhood Study found that survivors of childhood trauma are up to 5000% more likely to attempt suicide, have eating disorders or become IV drug users. Dr. Vincent Felitti, the study's founder, details this remarkable and powerful connection.

Were you traumatized as a child? How do you know?

A veteran family therapist summarizes the toxic effects of three epidemic early-childhood traumas - parental neglect, abandonment, and abuse. These traumas cause significant psychological wounds, which have clear behavioral symptoms. See this to start learning if YOU were traumatized and wounded: http://sfhelp.org/gwc/gwc.htm

Running an independent bookshop.

Tan Dillon, owner of an independent bookshop in Essex, discusses the day-to-day running of the business, the challenges involved and how to keep it going during a recession.  http://uk.businessesforsale.com/uk/se...

Celebrity beauty sells her virginity to the highest bidder

Bill Clinton denies Fanny gave him a blow in the Oval Office,  "Aah did not have sexual relations with Miss Fallacy." 

Bush/ Madonna/ Lady Gaga/ Elton/ Trump & Simon Cowell have all put in bids, have you?

Shatterboy: Men Surviving Sexual Abuse Including From Women:

A 27 minute documentary of five men discussing the impact of sexual abuse on men. Intended as an introduction into this difficult topic that can be used in therapy sessions, group discussions and training seminars.

The Sex Shop Song. Version 3.

For the VERY FIRST TIME in MUSIC HISTORY: a song dedicated to the sex shop and all things saucy, rude, cheeky and touching all our hidden desires...The Mutli-Award winning lyrics of "The Sex Shop" have been converted to music by The Mice Frontman Eddie Bostick & Nat Nollid: With Miss X on Vocals, Russ Martin on Lead Guitar, Justin Cummings on Saxophone and Ali Clark on Drums. A music video is planned together with the single release, once everything is in place & time is free in the sex shop.

Artist of piss or piss-taking artist?

Nat Nollid displays live on camera his latest piece of art-is he taking the piss? Is urine a form of exotic art? Has anyone seen the bottle of pee? Sotheby's have valuued it at $1 million.

Nat Nollid has skin bleaching op, now he plays the white man

After his brown arse was removed from Youtube, Natty darling decided to do a 'Michael Jackson'. Will his white arse be removed from Youtube too? Is a white arse sexier than a black arse? Is the brown Nat Nollid sexier than a white Nat Nollid? Halle Berry or Cameron Diaz? Is the internet racist? is the Worl Wide Web sexist? Does it promote incest? Does the web encourage porn? Do celebrities get special treatment with nudity? Positive Thinking

Deport Lovestruck Nat Nollid via Public Tribunal

Despite being sent home, Natty Darling found a way back via the M25 Dartford Crossing in the back of an East European lorry delivering sex toys and all because his love for his English Rose goes on- but who is she?

Pigface: the final revenge

TRAILER FOR PIGFACE: THE FINAL REVENGE- A gangster satirical comedy short film currently in production. Starring: Rob Messer as Pigface, MF as Slydog, Sonia as CutyPie, Roy Hogg as Dealer 1 & SoorMan, Chris Hanks as Dealer 2 & Sollini Boys, Chand Dhillon as Mr Mean, Fletcher Messer & Sarab Dhillon as Bodyguards, Jeff Haywood as Dealer 4/Dealer 6, Natty Darling as Daarus Sollini. 

Shop scene -this is England-Polish shopkeepers 2 : Robbery


Shop scene with Polish shopkeepers. Natty wanted to show how landscape has changed from 1983 to  2012- with many shops owned by East Europeans- Polish people and that racism and prejudice happens in all cultures and communities.

Deport All Ugly & Fat Immigrants & Natives From the UK

The BNP & failed MP & Anti-England bigot, former Scottish First Minister Salmond- who released the Lockerbie Bomber in return for 5 fat brown envelopes from Colonel Gaddafi & the oil companies- has urged Obama, the EU & the UK to applaud fellow Scot Lord O'Crit: Will Theresa May announce British Government's new policy to tackle over-crowding in England, by deporting ugly & fat immigrants but what of the ugly natives?


Legendary sayings from Bangladesh that have been adopted by Western culture? 

Yes it is true. Asia's greatest nation is now taking back the quotes taken by the British Imperialists...

Are you having a laugh in your popodoms?


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