About DEMOGORGON PRODUCTIONS & the myth behind the slasher movie man.

It's like a fake Hindu God?

Demogorgon Productions, Unicrap Experimental Films. Sample collection of short and photographic films.

Michael Fenton Crenshaw is the man behind the mask. It's a homage to the art and film world and the wonderful sexy people who are involved in it. It's worth a peep peops. 

Demogorgon tag line: 

Pluck the dust from the stars of the moon

To place upon the nipple of one's breast.

Who is Michael Fenton Crenshaw?

Inspired by Nollidism, Crenshaw is just as elusive as Banksy, yet more original and paradoxical. 

He converted to Sikhism after trying out Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism but the 72 virgins in Islam scared him off. He got enlightenment from the Guru Nanak "There is no Hindu. There is no Muslim. There is only man."

Brexit means Brexit. Horror means Left Hand Path.

Just as the Establishment must respect the biggest ever vote in democracy, so the Horror Genre must respect talent coming through as long as the product is good enough. The Left Hand Path is as British as the Great Indian Takeaway. Dare you take the Left Hand Path?

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Once in a lifetime chance to meet the elusive men and woman behind Demogorgon Productions and CommonSenseFilms.UK: Kenton Elbert Junior (Who is looking after matters in the absence of Crenshaw, who's gone AWOL), Fanny Fallacy and Nat Nollid. Eitther specifically donate £1,000 to a registered charity or name ALL the actors and actresses on this page. T & C's apply. Further details from Demogorgon Productions: phone +447588194373 email: quark600@yahoo.com Fanny is desperate to spread the love...


The Left Hand Path fast. Catch it if you can...









It's so good it's bad?

Some paths lead nowhere...

It will feed on your fear.

It will suck you dry!

The Left Hand Path UNCUT Independent British Horror Film

This film was made on a shoestring (£3,000). Three years in the making. The film drove Mr Crenshaw into ecclesiastical emanciaption and he was enlightened. Film-maker Crenshaw denies kidnapping but three thespians (not lesbians) disappeared while filming. The editing was a surreal experience for him as he didn’t know what he was doing after buying software from a drunken midget. Then Nat Nollid's chimpanzees helped to rescue the film. Animals were harmed in the film, but not while living.


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The three missing thespian lesbians

After the filming was complete 3 thesbians (not lesbians) mysteriously vanished and Mr Crenshaw was taken into custody on suspicion relating to their disappearance. Mr Nollid had to raise the bail money for his release. Later all charges against Mr Crenshaw were dropped and he didn't have to drop his pants or pick the soap up in the showers.

The 3 thespian lesbians were never found but their blood stained knickers were discovered tied to trees in a wooded area of Kent.


This is a homage to the low budget Slasher movies, Giallo and Grindhouse films of the 1970's and 1980's. You've seen The Last House On The Left, dare you watch THE LEFT HAND PATH. 

Some paths lead nowhere...

It will feed on your fear, 

it will suck you dry scary movie

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The Left Hand Path Film: Alternative Soundtrack

The Left Hand Path Indie British Horror Film: Alternative Soundtrack

Made in Kent, United Kingdom of Great Britain & Nollid Ireland.

A Demogorgon Production  ©2013-2017