The Waiting Room.

This film is for contemplation & realisation that existence may be an inherent illusion.

One day you may see your God is fake and there is no time, existence or substance to anything.

The soundtrack has 30 different voices in French, Italian, English, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. This film gently  glides and is useful for meditation & thought. Stacklands Monastery in Kent is intercut and it has since been demolished.

It's about life, waiting for something that never happens and the derelict life?

Dance and be a gay.

Be a star of the screen for £10 a day... on the casting couch, sweet sugar baby.

Belmont Park.

Move to Lewisham and get mugged like this film.

Rapeseed oil.

Antihistamine for your mind.

Pigs In The Valley

I can  smell them through my yashmak, can you?

Trailer Of House Of The Laughing Clocks.

An anthology of four tales of supernatural and psychological tales of terror.....they are terrible.

Rude Boy Blud Clart Shopper

Elephant Man Finds A Job In Romford.

White Man's Food

Only Whiteys Can Eat This Piece.