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Roy Hogg (1940-2013) RIP. Roy took part in the very first film for Youtube in 2007: The Brit, The Nigerian and the Polish Pakistani: The real BNP. Roy made classic contributions to sketches including reminiscing the British Empire, economics of mass migration (given he was an economic refugee from up North),  the effects on public services and off course deporting Nat Nollid back to...Dagenham. (via Lahore) Who's a whore?

Announce coming events of yet more lovechildren?


From left: Chris Hancock (lovechild of legendary comic Tony Hancock), Nat Nollid and Rob Messer celebrating the birth of Chris's own lovechild, Eddie Bostick. Nat does not have any love children. Naturally it is against his religion, which he just invented.

Fanny Fallacy


Fanny Fallacy, the world's one and only bisexual lesbian. If you know of any other bisexual lesbians contact us for a chance to meet Fanny. 

Health warning: She may bite!

Regarding media reports, Fanny issues clarification, "I did not have sexual relations with Bill Clinton but I did massage his stomach, well lower abdomen to be precise, actually the groin area too"



Nibbert Mugesi, the big Kenyan genius with an even bigger heart. A man who has now decided to take off and go back to his simple roots by leaving the London rat race. This is despite his visa running out and Fanny Fallacy using her contacts in the House of Lords to fast-track his British citizenship, Nibbert did not do any salacious favours for Fanny. His wife would castrate him.



 Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know. Finally, the truth is out: Jeff Haywood is the man who left a vast inheritance from the Haywards Pickles Empire behind to pursue a simple but creative life. He became anonymous by changing his surname spelling. What a generous spirited man indeed.



So everybody benefits? Lady Godiva was the first suffragette feminist. If only modern feminists were like her rather than, as many do, simply blaming men for everything and hence hating men, the world would make far more progress in womens rights. This is especially relevant in the East and certain religions and cultures that are now quite prevalent in the West. Its such a shame the mainstream media, politicians and educational establishment are so quiet about this while so many women suffer in silence.

NEW FILM: The Waiting Room

This film is for contemplation & realisation that existence may be an inherent illusion. 

One day you may see your God is fake and there is no time, existence or substance to anything.

The soundtrack has 30 different voices in French, Italian, English, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. This film gently glides and is useful for meditation & thought. Stacklands Monastery in Kent is intercut and it has since been demolished.

It's about life, waiting for something that never happens and the derelict life?

What is CommonSenseFilms.UK?

Free condoms for every reader who prays for Nollid, Fanny & Kenton's sanity & humour.

  •  Hello! Welcome to the online home of CommonSenseFilms.
  • We are a TV Film and Video Production Company based in Essex, Kent & London, U.K.

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We won a national competition as part of Cannes Lions June 2010-a 90 second short film made in 40 minutes (Nokia Minimo).

Find out more about Natty Darling's old writing, influenced by Fanny.

Take your blinkers & politically correct mind off!

We came runners-up at the London Film Festival's Consumer Creative Challenge-October 2010 for Unilever Liptons Tea.

We also came runners up with two films selected for online dating site Eharmony, "The Meaning Of Love", as part of the Rome Film Festival 2010.

We have had around 2 million full views on YouTube with some of our films being removed by them for attacking YouTube or expanding the boundaries and horizons of creative thought and human psychology. 

Life got in the way after 2010 with our full-time work and family commitments taking over and film-making playing second fiddle. 

Then, Roy Hogg passed away in a freak accident, Jeff Haywood moved up north, Nibbert Mugesi moved abroad, Rob Messer got busy with his record business and personal issues, Chris Hancock moved to gay Brighton (Chris is NOT homosexual but he is happy and gay as a Flintstone though). Steve Mead, Sonia Shah and Minda Singh got busy with their work and commitments but now in 2018, things are starting to happen as the cobwebs are being removed from the old shorts and sketches and finally Natty Darling is promoting them with Kenton's help.

Here are just some of the services we can provide:
Script Writing.
Comedy Sketches.
Non-profit making social community films. 

Whats so special about us?

We are not like the 99%, we are the unique 1%

Trailer of new British Indie Horror film: THE LEFT HAND PATH

Dare you see this trailer. The flick was filmed entirely on location in the Garden of England. Such was the demand to be in the film that some of the actors and actresses (an actress is not an actor) actually wanted to pay bribes to be in it. Three thespians went missing and have never been found. Animals used in the film have since re-incarnated into politically correct politicians, celebrities, journalists, cultural Marxists, greedy corporate cheap labour moghuls & teachers & lovers of Fanny F

The Left Hand Path in the news and media.


No news on Crenshaw so Kenton Elbert Junior and Nat Nollid do the media rounds:

The Kent Messenger media group featured an article with an interview with Nat Nollid and Kenton Elbert Junior. Click below:

Find out more Click here

More Kent newspaper interviews

Gravesend and Dartford Reporter media group also interviewed Nollid and Kenton Elbert Junior.

Find out more click here

Another media show.

The Bromley Times, Dartford & Gravesend Reporter, Kent Messenger, Sundance Festival film, Bond films, Kama Sutra films, Left Hand Path, Kent, Essex, London, UK, non-politically correct, no fake news, soft titillation, thought provoking, open your minds, create new wonders.

Find out more clit here

Has Michael Fenton Crenshaw been spotted?

Fanny Fallacy claims to have emails from Crenshaw.

Miss Fanny Fallacy tells Elbert that she has had contact with someone claiming to be Crenshaw. She says the elusive artist has been behaving bizarrely and is back in Kent. "I sensed he seemed irritated and sounded like a frustrated fanny, pardon the pun. He kept going on about winning the lottery, which was odd as money hasn't mattered to him before, he then says 'When filming regardless of sound, don't talk to the actors. even those out of shot and waiting'. But does he think I was talking to myself? Maybe he is right, I will have to check the footage myself, I feel very queer indeed." 

Crenshaw seen in Death Valley, California.

Nollid says Crenshaw has been seen in Death Valley filming various documentaries, including one about Charles Manson. "My brother lives in Long Beach and he says Crenshaw met him over coffee discussing his projects. He says Crenshaw is mad about coffee, I am not surprised, as he doesn't do drugs or alcohol. Coffee is his drug" 

What's Crenshaw like as a person? Nollid, "He has demons that get the better of him and sometimes I have had to remind him of the importance of focussing on postives than negative energy, but the best is yet to come".

Crenshaw spotted in Sikh Temple, Arizona.

Glendale, Arizona, home of the late Kundalini Yoga guru Yogi Bhajan, is where another sighting of Crenshaw has been spotted. An unnamed source said Crenshaw spent a few weeks on the retreat and came out like a new man. "He achieved spiritual connection with both his soul and his creator". 

The source goes on, "When he came to us he was not a happy bunny, he seemed agitated and angry about his artistic endeavours. He wants to create great things so we have helped to harness his energy so that he gets the huge hidden power base from inside". 

Crenshaw leaving knickers? Briefs found near Left Hand Path locations (and they're not all soiled?)

Crenshaw is  thought to be responsible for tying dirty knickers to trees in Kent. So far 69 pairs have been found in woods around Eynsford where some scenes from the film were shot. Is it Crenshaw?

Messages left next to the knickers say "Best wishes, LHP/MFC"

It appears the knickers are mainly expensive silk or quality satin laced. With Marks & Spencer, Victoria's Secret and Ann Summers being the main brands found. 

Dirty knickers tied to trees update:

Smelly pants also found in bushes along Maplescombe Lane in Farningham Kent close to  the demonic church  location in Left Hand Path. The pants are cheap Pound Shop versions so maybe this is a copycat incident.

Is it Crenshaw or is something more sinisterly under the wear at work? 

Any news or information please emai us.
Is this a new war on terror? Knickers versus pants?

PS: Any sniffers will be prosecuted by the thespinas lesbinas.

Crenshaw sighted on Hove beach doing a Reggie Perrin.

Down the road from gay Brighton, Hove, which is still straight as Adam, says local resident, Chis Hancock. "I was taking a walk with my bird Bryony one late evening when we saw a man take off all his clothes and then just stood by the edge of the sea and dived in", Chris sensed something was wrong. "My sixth sense kicked in and me and me bird both got in and dragged him out of the sea". Is he sure it was Crenshaw? Chris, "Yes I saw the birthmark on his todger, Bryony couldn't stop looking at it and nearly got carried away". Chris won't go into more detail except to say that Bryony was licking her lips.

Reward for genuine sighting of Crenshaw:

If anyone has any news on Crenshaw, please email commonsensefilms@yahoo.com or 07588194373 for a cash reward if information leads to the tracing of Crenshaw.

Why should you watch THE LEFT HAND PATH?

Because this cult film has been

nominated for








It's so good it's bad?

Some paths lead nowhere...

It will feed on your fear.

It will suck you dry!


The short film that inspired The Left Hand Path. Can you spot the daemon?

Just released indie British horror film: The Left Hand Path

UNCUT VERSION: Made by the elusive Mr Michael Fenton Crenshaw, a man inspired by Nollidism, created a mountain of horror from a molehill of raw ingredients. CommonSenseFilms.UK assisted in production, post-production and marketing of this venture. The animals used were dead demons in disguise. The humans were dead animals disguised as human demons. The three thespian lesbians have never been found even though they were not devils in disguise. Have the occult paranormal spirits taken them? 

Cheap deodorant gift or the smell of a 1000 plastic roses.

Enjoy the calming music and scenery.

Liptons speed dating- The language of Love

Is French the language of love? Is tea the new aphrodisiac? Finishing runners-up at the London Film Festival Mofilm Unilever Consumer Creative Challenge October 2010.  Spot the yellow shirt. Starring Damian Cooper, Miranda Keeling, Kate Mansfield, Miranda Keeling, Sonia Shah, Perry Lambert, Rob Messer, Minda Singh. Production team: Nat Nollid, (writer/director/camera) Jeff  Haywood, (camera/props) Rob Messer, (assistant director)  Minda Singh, (creative director) Sonia Shah, (locations/props)

The Sex Shop Song, a comedy video.

Welcome to the love shop.

Satisfy your need.

Feed your lovely greed. 

Credits as per video.

Special appearance by Fanny Fallacy.

Lyrics taken from the book: Life Love Light & Loss- Mystic Poetry.

Mother of all protests in the mother of all parliaments?

The London parliament square protesters, 28 hours before eviction after having lost the case at the High Court.

February 2011.

Westerfield Mansion

Repeat repeat, just as on Facebook and Instagram. This pleases the masses of sheep like you and me, whilst the $32 trillion in offsore funds hidden by the corporations like Google, Apple, Fakebook etc and billionaries like Bill Gates is safe.

Channel 4 Scenestealers: This is England; shop scene re-make

A Polish shopkeeper, who himself used to pick on migrants back in Poland, is held at knifepoint as his shop is robbed.


The EU turns a blind eye while Poland, Romania, Czech Republic and Hungary (The UK has had the biggest mass migration in history since 2004 from these nations) REFUSE to take in Muslim migrants. The 309 UK Anti-Brexit MP Remainers want more cheap labour migrants to drive down wages even more.


For Film4 Scene Stealer. Remake of scene from "This Is England."

Fake news? Re-start the Anglo-Scottish Great British Empire.

The British Empire advert, Indian style. Mind your language. Please. Thousand apologies.

Is this how many British Empire loving Scots, Welsh, Irish and English would like to behave when visiting india?

Advert for Hindustan Times.


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