Why Trump got elected and why we voted Brexit


Is it a white-lash?

Some call it the White Lash: white men and women voting for the bad guy. Reality check: It was whites who got Obama in. Others think the world is going to collapse. But in truth we are all to blame for Trump and Brexit.  

The liberal leftie elites and the media that they control constantly tell us we are all one global community. We are evil if we control migration. We are all racist if we vote for Trump or Brexit. These are the same people that will complain about crime or waiting a week to see a doctor or not getting their kids into their local schools. 


Mass cheap labour has cut wages by 20%

These narrow minded deluded buffoons will also complain about the doubling of rents in the last few years, the trebling of house prices and the increase in lawlessness and petty crime. Often these preachers never have to put up with the problems that the majority face because they live in well-to-do areas which are not over crowded, they are not dirty with litter all over the place, they get their kids into private schools and have private health care.  

The West are directly responsible for Chinese might and power by allowing corporations to locate in China. The flourishing of Dollar and Pound Stores is testament to the cheap goods flooding in. Where 30 years ago, a person in his twenties could comfortably afford to buy a house and his wife could look after the kids, now the Millennials are paying the price. 


People fed up with globalisation & low wages

These Millennials are the same ones that want ever more globalisation and mass migration and even more political correctness ruling our lives-yet they are the ones paying the biggest price for the loss of well-paid manufacturing jobs into a mass sprawl of minimum wage service sector and warehouse jobs. How stupid they are, failing to realise the damage they are doing to themselves, their kids and the West.

The focus by Hillary “Because I’m a woman” Clinton on Identity Politics: race gender and sexuality, excluded most of the silent majority. She excluded white men, she excluded religious Christians and others, she excluded many women fed up by radical feminists setting the agenda on how women and men should behave and more importantly, the subtext of much of this sort of feminism is a hatred of men. Blaming men for all the worlds problems since we left the caves is one thing, trying to change a million years of human evolution in the space of 30 years is another.


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