Message to all Yanks: Britain saved your arse in WW2.

Yes it was the British that saved all of Europe and the free world not the Yanks... So who do you think you're kidding Mr USA?

Maquillage Mannequin Mouth Foundation

On the technological side of our music working...

Is Dagenham better than East Ham? Part Two.

Which is better Dagenham or East Ham?

Or are they both ethnic ghettos now?

"Frankly my dear, do I give a damn? Gone Windy with the Worl

For Nokia Minimo 2010, Cannes Lions was the prize.

This is a total remake of the most famous line in Cinema history, spoken originally by Clark Gable (Rhett Butler) to Vivien Leigh (Scarlett O'hara) in "Gone with the Wind", can Rob Messer and Tina upstage Gable and Leigh with the help of writer, director, cameraman and editor, Nat Nollid, all in 40 minutes? Are they taking the proverbial mickey? Or is this a more balanced, focussed, inspiring and less sexist portrayel set in the 21st Century?

The Hooker, is this the sex? Can you hear it?

Crenshaw at his artistic emancipation. But don't watch this video. Please go on Facebook instead and do more fake Likes.

Pulp Fiction remake: POET FICTIONAL aka Messenger of Death.

This is a virtually total remake of a classic scene from a cult classic, (no swords, guns or knives were harmed in the making of this). Please also note that the poetry "Messenger of Death" has been written by the director & writer, Nat Nollid  from a collection of poetry donated to charity: "Life, love, light & loss"

Take a trip down memory lane along the union canal

Along Wembley Way, everybody is gay.

Topanga Canyon.

Lets take a ride on the wild side baby, strap one on and lets go to Topanga Canyon, California.

Dagenham, the greatest town in the world

Nollid and Haywood's old home town. Is it a bigger dump now?


Dedicated to Nat Nollid's day job. Pharmaceuticals or margarine or blow up dolls?

Miracle tomato from the heavens?

Did Allah send this down to Dagenham? Is this the miracle that billions around the world have been waiting for? The 3 wise kings followed the last heavenly miracle and led to Jesus, could this bring Christians, Muslims and Jews together? Is the messiah on his way to sheperd his flock? Or are we really reading too much into this? Will be on sale on Ebay-all proceeds to the church charity confession extension.

Reflections. From a mind.

Look in the mirror and see the bum?

"The funny things that fanny does."

From the poem by Nat Nollid: "The funny things that fanny does" 

From Adam and Eve to the present day-the forbidden fruits of fantasy flesh  pleasures abound....

I Will Spin Past Your Garden In Cars

This is not a dirtbox.


Watch it and help me think of something...