Germaine Greer: Transgender women are 'not women'

So even arch-feminists are against transgender men from identifying as women? 

She wrote "The Female Eunuch" in 1970 Greer argued that men hate women, though the latter do not realise this and are taught to hate themselves.

Greer argues that change had to come about via revolution, not evolution. Women should get to know and come to accept their own bodies, taste their own menstrual blood, and give up celibacy and monogamy. Yet they should not burn their bras. "But bras are a ludicrous invention."

Melanie Phillips destroys the transgender madness.

Common sense needed on trans hysteria. Why are people scared to speak up for traditional values?

"Gender Fluid" Person Confuses Everyone.

Gender pronoun debate highlights from The Big Questions.

Are you gender fluid? Fanny Fallacy is, today only.

Andrew Neil eviscerates transgender SJW arguments, simply.

Andrew Neil eviscerates transgender SJW arguments with simple questions.

"Transgender Athletes DON'T Have an Advantage?"

Mark Steyn (filling in for Tucker Carlson) interviews medical physicist trans athlete Joanna Harper about the new Olympics rules (12-27-17).


Laci Green: Her analysis and conclusions: the conceptual and biological differences between gender and sex. She goes on to discuss three schools of thought on gender: anti-feminism (gender as biology), radical feminism (gender as a system), and liberal feminism (gender as an identity). In the second half of the video, she discusses the first school of thought, exploring the anti-feminist objections to multiple genders. She then highlights where biological essentialist arguments fall short.