What is Topfree, Freethenipple & Topfreedom?


Women should be allowed to go topless too.

Men cannot set rules for women anymore. This is the age of woman.

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De-sexualize the breast by showing it.

In jungle communities in the Amazon jungle, parts of Africa and Asia, women are topless or naked just like men and no-one bats an Nat No-EyeLid.

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Show the way we are born.

We are born naked, we should be afraid to express our bodies. Women who breast feed also get frowned upon. Let all women who want to, go topfree...

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Equal Rights - Free The Nipple

Piece following the women of the movement freethenipple.com as they  protest at a Donald Trump rally.  Music by I Don’t See the Branches I  See the Leaves By Chris Zabriskie, Edited by Javier Mosquera


Free the nipple Brighton, UK

RE UPLOAD - YouTube has decided to censor our videos for the past couple  of months for no apparent reason! We were getting over 150K views a day  but we have now been digitally neutered :( 

Go Topless Day 2017 | Free The Nipple!

Matthew Jordan interviews women at Venice Beach for 2017 Go Topless Day

Free The Nipple, London.

Did you see the 10 girls in London?

Go Topless Day 2016 : Free The Nipple!

Matthew Jordan interviews people at Go Topless Day in Venice. Free the Nipple!